Gender Inclusive pelvic physical therapy for every body. 

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Dr. Rebecca (She/Her)

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Pelvic Health Physical Therapy

I provide licensed physical therapy services with a focus on the patient, so you can get the individualized and personal care that you need. I strive to decrease the stigma and trauma that can come with pelvic therapy in order to allow your body to heal. 

My Goal with Pelvic Physical Therapy

I founded PPH to help people of all genders facilitate the healing of their bodies in a safe and comfortable environment. I am passionate about destigmatizing pelvic health across the gender and sexual identity spectrum, allowing my patients to engage in pain-free sex and live confident, comfortable lives. 

My Patients Include:

  • Those dealing with incontinence, constipation, or pelvic pain

  • Anyone experiencing unresolved back, tailbone, or hip pain

  • Anyone who has had abdominal or pelvic surgery

  • Pregnant or postpartum parent

  • People dealing with infertility

Consult with a Pelvic Floor Specialist

All treatments begin with an in-depth initial evaluation, in which you will be able to express all of your concerns regarding your pelvic health with a licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy. I provide you with 75 minutes of time to ensure I can cover everything and address any concerns that you have about the process. 


Mother and Daughter Yoga

Inclusive Pelvic Health Physical Therapy

I am a firm believer that people of all genders and sexual identities deserve to live pain-free lives without any judgment. My trauma-informed treatment will help you address concerns with your bladder, bowel, and sexual health in a safe atmosphere.

Transparent Pricing

As part of my commitment to providing patients with the best possible care, I am proud to provide transparent pricing. I know how unfair it can be to receive inflated bills months after treatment, which is why I make sure to operate with the utmost commitment to transparency.


A Certified Physical Therapist

With extensive training through the Herman and Wallace Pelvic Rehabilitation Institute, I am always working to provide you with evidence-based medical care.  I strive to continuously learn evidence-based interventions so that you aren't investing in unnecessary treatments. 


Schedule Your Pelvic Health Evaluation Today

I am passionate about what I do here at Patton Pelvic Health and would love to help you start living a healthy life. If you have any questions about the services that I provide and whether they are right for you, I encourage you to get in touch with me for a phone consultation. I will guide you through the process.  



“Thank you! I learned more about the human body as a connected machine from you than the other years of my life. But one of the most healing things about my physical therapy was how you often told me I didn’t need to push or feel guilty if I was not what I was previously. Your personality and language was always kind and

affirming.” - Amanda

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