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Pelvic Physical Therapy for All Bodies

Providing gender inclusive care in Phoenix, AZ

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Reconnect with your body

Trauma-informed care that combines pelvic physical therapy with neuromuscular awareness techniques to heal your body. 

Concerns we treat:

  • Pelvic pain

  • Incontinence

  • Constipation

  • Back & hip pain

  • Postoperative healing

  • Sexual health concerns

  • Postpartum recovery & healing

  • Pregnancy and Birth Preparation

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Meet Dr. Rebecca


Managing pelvic health challenges related to bowel, bladder, and painful sex are a heavy burden to carry. Everyone deserves to feel comfortable and confident in their body. 

I created PPH to provide a safe and affirming place to help you reconnect to yourself and allow your body to heal. 

I combine my training as a physical therapist with an inclusive, trauma-informed approach so that you feel comfortable and empowered to live your most comfortable life.  
Mother and Daughter Yoga

What patients are saying

“Thank you! I learned more about the human body as a connected machine from you than the other years of my life. But one of the most healing things about my physical therapy was how you often told me I didn’t need to push or feel guilty if I was not what I was previously. Your personality and language was always kind and


- Amanda

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